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YourHour MOD APK is a mobile application that helps you control the amount of time you spend on your smartphone, eliminate addiction to improve your health, relationships and much more. Do you think things are really that serious?

Overview information

YourHour: Phone detox to make your life healthier and more meaningful

Smart phones, two sides of the problem

Let’s be honest, can you live a day without using your smartphone? I have seen a few people lying for hours surfing the web on their phone while… lying on the hospital bed. There are also some people have two or three phones, one for personal use, the one for work and one… specialized for playing games. Smartphones were born to change the world, the people, and the times we live in. There’s no denying the magical possibilities that smartphones offer, from work and entertainment to unlimited connectivity. But at the same time, looking at the other side, the smartphone side effect has too many concerns.

First, your life and time are disrupted. Spending too much time on the phone, whatever your purpose, makes the time you spend listening to yourself less. The surrounding relationships are affected. There have been so many quarrels, broken feelings just because one person kept plugging in the phone.

Next is the spirit of “relying on”. Using smartphones for too many things at the same time will make your creativity, memory, and brain movement gradually narrow. You think why your parents can remember twelve or twenty phone numbers at the same time when you cannot remember one phone number of relatives.

Most importantly, your health. Phone waves and staring at the screen every day for hours will make you languish; your health gradually deteriorates. The most obvious is the facial skin, mind, and hand muscles. Not to mention that using the phone for many hours every day will make it difficult to sleep, easily worry, easily stress, and reduce the body’s resistance significantly.

So, determining the level of “overdose” and phone detoxing should be done from today before it is too late. Currently, there is a way to help you control the daily habits of using the phone, a solution that has a high practical effect. That is downloading the app YourHour and use immediately.

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