Name XBrowser
Package Name com.xbrowser.play
Publisher byteman.su
Category Communication
MOD Features No
Version 3.7.1
Size 1M
Requires Android 4.0
Price FREE

XBrowser APK is a web browser on mobile. Fast installation, small capacity, smooth operation. If that’s what you need in a mobile browsing app, then XBrowser is very suitable.

Introduce about XBrowser

Smooth web browser and powerful ad blocking!

Today’s mobile phone is not only used for listening, calling, and texting. You can do a lot of things on a phone such as browsing the web, watching the news, using Facebook, Instagram, playing games, checking mail… If you delve into how a mobile device works, you will see that it can operate a lot of complex tasks.

So the best way to reduce the load for your phone to help it operate smoothly is to choose to download light apps that focus on core features and always can block ads. Let’s start with choosing an ideal web browser. My choice is XBrowser, for the following reasons:

Minimalist and super fast browsing

A web browser is rated based on the speed and smoothness of mobile browsing. XBrowser can satisfy this criterion easily. The application is specially designed to utilize the available resources efficiently. Tapping into the tiniest bit of memory left without affecting other running apps, XBrowser will use it to run web pages. So your phone can run both fast and smoothly.

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