Updated On December 4, 2021 (9 hours ago)
Name Twitter
Publisher Twitter, Inc.
Genre Social
MOD Features No
Version 9.21.0-release.0
Size 37M
Price FREE
Requires Android

Well, everyone may know Twitter APK, an online social network, or at least once heard of it. But do you really know all the features of this social networking application?

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Introduce about Twitter

A highly professional social network!

In short, Twitter is an online social network where you can post, message, and update a series of the latest news from brands, other users, and even politicians. It works like any other social network out there. But with accuracy, almost absolute security, it is trusted by many people, especially big brands, experts in each field, and famous news sites. Referring to Twitter is referring to professionalism, thoroughness, and quick updating.

Like any social network, Twitter is still about sharing and sharing

Not focusing deeply on personal moods or posts with too long content, in Twitter, users must really pay attention to each word and content to best express their ideas in a short and straight-to-the-point way. Because the number of characters in Twitter is limited to 280 characters per tweet (this is okay, from 2017 and earlier it was only 160 characters/tweet). So, if you want to lament or talk at length, you should use Facebook or Instagram.

But that’s also why the content on Twitter is very selective and often more rational than other social networks. The contents you often see on Twitter often revolve around articles about technology, politics, domestic and foreign policy issues, fast entertainment news, hot news in various fields, and sharing. And they are often accompanied by pictures and photos that are clear and detailed and links to the articles so that viewers can follow more details if needed.

Below the news and Tweet line will also be the comment part where any viewer who has followed your account can follow, read, and leave comments or discuss more with other Twitter users.

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