Temp Mail MOD APK 2.64 (No Ads) Download for Android

This article introduces Temp Mail, its features, and the benefits it can bring. At the same time, we also provide a MOD APK version for you to download and use.

Overview information

Introduce about Temp Mail

Nowadays, email services are used a lot in work and life. You also regularly communicate and chat with other people through the email system. However, some special job needs make you always have to create different email accounts and seem to only use it a few times. If you have to normally create an account, it will take you a lot of time and effort, and that can affect your productivity. Temp Mail is the solution for you. The application helps you to generate emails without going through the verification process. Your identity is also completely hidden and you do not have to receive unwanted spam mails.

Application that helps you to create temporary emails

As mentioned, Temp Mail is an application that supports temporary email creation. The word “temporary” here means that you can quickly create mail accounts, then delete them and information with just one click.

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