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Name TeamViewer
Publisher TeamViewer
Genre Communication
MOD Features No
Version 15.24.34
Size 67M
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4

There are many situations where you need to remotely control devices around you. For example, when you have a computer, what will you do with it if you don’t have any gear in your hands such as a keyboard or mouse?

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Introduce about TeamViewer

Safe, efficient, and time-saving remote control of computers

When to use a remote desktop application like TeamViewer?

I remember there was a time when my parents’ computer at home went crazy, and they didn’t want to replace the whole PC. So that time, my brother installed something on the device, so that each time the computer had a problem, he could sit hundreds of kilometers away to correct it. Since that time, I have known TeamViewer.

Mobile phones are not only for listening, calling, texting, surfing social networks, taking pictures, and recording videos simply, but they also can become a mobile “remote” for computers. Of course, to do that, we will need a support tool, an application that specializes in this task, TeamViewer.

Share your screen and control your computer remotely

TeamViewer is a useful tool to help you control other devices remotely without any gear, just a mobile phone. You will need a network connection and install the TeamViewer application for both computers and mobile phones. Then, by following the instructions, you can control the computer remotely, easily, quickly, and safely. Each person may have a way of using this application for different purposes at work. But personally, I find TeamViewer the most useful in cases where I need to support customers about a certain service on the computer when something goes wrong, but we don’t need to move to the other’s place. It helps us save time and cost.

The operation when controlling the computer via mobile with TeamViewer is very simple. Just touch the necessary buttons, your computer screen will show on mobile. And you will operate as usual when using the computer. Overall, very intuitive and vivid.

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