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Name TapScanner
ID pdf.tap.scanner
Publisher Tap-Mobile
Genre Utilities
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Version 2.6.23
Size 27M
Price FREE
Requires Android

“Scan the bill? It’s easy, I’ll do it!” The accountant downstairs smiles and opens her phone, “Look, you just need to download TapScanner, then click a few times as instructed and done, then send me an email, no need to run down here”. That’s the first time I know about TapScanner.

Table of Contents

Introduce about TapScanner

Just pick up your phone and scan, it’s so easy!

Why do you need to scan documents?

Many things need to be stored. And of course, online storage is much better, quicker, and easier to share than the traditional hard copy method. You may be wondering why not just take a picture of the paperwork. An image is not a substitute for a scanned image, the main reason is that the scanned image always has a formal, serious, and standard that no matter how carefully or skillfully you take pictures, you can’t do it. It is reliable and has the most optimal template format for documents, vouchers, receipts, invoices.

In the past, we could only scan documents with a scanner, and the use of this machine was not known to everyone. When I was at school, every time I wanted to scan a form or document, I had to run to the back of the school, go to the photocopy store nearby and wait for my turn for about 30 minutes. Then after graduating from school, going to work, the office is so big but the scanner is only available in the design room. Every time I want to scan, I have to go to the design room to do it. So scanning documents for me is quite a tedious and tiring experience. At that time, I just wish it was good to have a scanner on the phone.

Then I know TapScanner. Now, if I want to scan something for work, I just open the app and do it, don’t need to go anywhere. It’s so convenient, right?

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