Stellarium Plus

Updated On December 28, 2021 (5 mins ago)
Name Stellarium Plus
ID com.noctuasoftware.stellarium_plus
Publisher Stellarium Labs
Genre Education
MOD Features No
Version 1.8.3
Size 133M
Price FREE $19.99
Requires Android 6.0

Stellarium Plus APK is an astronomical map where you can observe distant planets millions of light-years away through your mobile phone. It is an ideal application for those who are passionate about exploring the sky.

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Introduce about Stellarium Plus

The whole universe is now in the palm of your hand

Do you love looking at the stars? Do you always wonder that, up there, how everything is arranged and is there a way to know the route of the other planets? If you really want to admire the beauty of the sky and discover new things about planets and constellations, you should immediately download Stellarium Plus to your device.

What is Stellarium Plus?

This is an astronomical observation application, helping you see all you want to see, and want to understand about the stars. With this app, you can determine the direction, constellations, star names, see comets, and see positions of famous satellites of the world and many other wonders.

The whole sky in the phone

Since ancient times, people have had the habit of looking up at the sky, observing every small movement of the distant planets, to get a lot of valuable information for life. Astronomy was born from there. In the academic field, it is always the most complex, precise subject that requires the most immense knowledge. It is also an aspect that many people are interested in but have little access to.

Besides, not everyone wants to learn about planets, constellations, galaxies as deeply as experts. Most people just want to observe, find out the relationship, see the position and name of the big stars. At this point, a sky map application like Stellarium Plus will be a very accurate choice.

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