Updated On December 9, 2021 (1 min ago)
Name SoundHound
ID com.melodis.midomiMusicIdentifier
Publisher SoundHound
Genre Music & Audio
MOD Features Extra
Version 9.8.2
Size 24M
Price FREE $5.99
Requires Android

You suddenly hear a good song somewhere, just want to know what it’s called so that you can listen to it again next time. Or better yet, have a place to both identify and save that song in a playlist. So why not use SoundHound MOD APK?

Table of Contents

Introduce about SoundHound

Find out songs, keep music’s journey

Unexpected moments “cannot be named”

I don’t know whether music is meaning to you or not. For me, it is the most effective therapy to heal mental wounds. Feeling lovelorn, lonely, extremely joyful, or simply a random confide, sometimes you don’t need a friend, you don’t need to have any fun at all, just listen to a good song, a heartwarming melody is enough.

A few years ago, when i was quite sad about something i don’t even remember now so i handed in my pocket and walked for a while to relax. Passing a roadside cafe, i came across a song. The melody was like cutting into my heart, digging out all the trifles that were in my head. It was one of the moments that only when you really experienced did you understand why after many years, I still keep it in mind. But now if i have to remember all the details of that song, I give up. Memory is so limited that even things likely to be engraved in the mind can still be forgotten, let alone a song.

Thinking back now, I wish I could have that feeling again, when my phone already has SoundHound pre-installed.

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