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Updated On November 15, 2021 (4 mins ago)
Name Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro
ID com.safeincloud
Publisher SafeInCloud
Genre Personalization
MOD Features No
Version 21.4.2
Size 7M
Price FREE $7.99
Requires Android
Network required

You may have so many passwords for some applications, a few more email addresses, and even a few online shopping sites. You have tons of things to remember, so will you have a crazy day and forget them all? It’s time to think about using a top password protection application like Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro
    1. Too many passwords, too many headaches
    2. What is Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro?
    3. Help set up passwords and store accounts
    4. User-friendly interface
  2. Download Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK free for Android

Introduce about Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro

Secure all your passwords!

Too many passwords, too many headaches

In an era of modern technology, we have more intangible assets and more things to remember such as phone numbers, email passwords, passwords for online shopping accounts, bank cards for online payments, and many other account passwords. They are all important. But not always these passwords are fixed and stay there through the days. Sometimes the bank asks to change the access password, the online shopping applications do so too, and even the email asks for verification of accounts several times. As for social networks, only one wrong type of password can force you to change the password.

So, I just wish there was an application to help us neatly manage and organize our important passwords and protect all our important data against any unauthorized access. Do you wish so too?

So, when I found Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro, it felt like I caught gold. If you have the same needs, here are the outstanding advantages of this password protection application.

What is Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro?

According to the description from the manufacturer, Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro works based on the encryption method of the AES256 bit algorithm, specialized to protect important data against unwanted access.

The encryption in Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro is so strong that you can trust it with complete peace of mind. Data will be encrypted on mobile, PC, laptop, and in cloud storage through the above algorithm. This is an algorithm specified by the US government and is being used by many of the world’s leading technology organizations.

Importing and exporting data in this app is also made easy thanks to the ability to automatically import data from 80 password management tools such as 1Password, eWallet, Keeper, KeePass, LastPass, mSecure, SafeWallet, SpbWallet, Handy Safe, SplashID, RoboForm, and many more. 

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro is also integrated into the Chrome browser, so you can quickly sync data with your cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, or Box. You also do not have to worry about the security of cloud storage, it is guaranteed by all big names, so it is very reliable.

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro currently supports many languages: ​​​​English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic. So, it is used everywhere.

Help set up passwords and store accounts

This app has a password setting feature to protect personal data. You can use letters, numbers, and special characters to add another layer of protection to your password collection. It is also possible to set a security code via fingerprint to ensure the confidentiality of this sensitive information once again.

Many of you will wonder whether we have to remember another password. The answer is no. All you need to remember is now a single password to access the Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro application. Everything is neatly tucked in here.

In addition, Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro also helps you create a place to store your web accounts, credit cards, cash cards, login information, and passwords respectively. When needed, just pull out and use it, it is very convenient and safe.

User-friendly interface

People with poor memory often have another feature in common: they are afraid to use complex applications. Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro overcomes this problem with a simple presentation interface, mostly with colored backgrounds and brief text. All features are presented as buttons or menus. You only need to touch it to use without much thinking. This is also the reason that Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro is suitable for many users, regardless of occupation and age.

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro also supports the function of changing the template, the color of the interface to create more inspiration for the users.

Download Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK free for Android

It is a super convenient application, especially for those who have too many things to remember but are too busy/ have poor memory. It is also very helpful if you have many passwords which are constantly changing for safety. Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro will definitely be a great help when you need to collect all passwords in one place for easy remembering.

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