Name Oculus
Package Name com.oculus.twilight
Publisher Facebook Technologies, LLC
Category Entertainment
MOD Features No
Size 72M
Requires Android 5.0
Price FREE

Oculus APK is the app that manages your Oculus VR headset, made directly by Facebook (now Meta). The process of using Oculus VR glasses will be much more convenient and have richer experiences if it comes with this app.

Introduce about Oculus

Manage your VR services through a single mobile app

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that helps people see and feel a lifelike virtual space thanks to accompanying wearable devices, commonly known as VR headsets.

Before that, a virtual space/environment was virtualized and created by humans with the support of specialized modern software and technologies. But it’s all still somewhere on the software, the game, or a certain platform. To see and immerse yourself, feel this space, feel you are entering and operating in it, you need a special device, worn over your head to cover your vision and connect to the virtual world in front of you. These devices are called VR headsets.

The VR virtual environment, in addition to creating a virtual space, is also a place where users can interact with their own gestures, gestures, movements, and feelings with all their senses. This is the highest point that major companies are trying to create for VR.

One of the major corporations currently pursuing the perfection of VR technology is Facebook, which has now been renamed Meta. And the device that connects users to Meta’s virtual space is the Oculus VR headset. This app is apparently going to be renamed soon to fit the Metaverse concept.

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