Nox Booster

Updated On November 23, 2021 (16 mins ago)
Name Nox Booster
Publisher Nox Ltd.
Genre Utilities
MOD Features No
Version 1.1.2
Size 31M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0

Nox Booster APK is an app to help speed up the phone by freeing up memory, getting rid of all the unnecessary cache data. If you find your smartphone is laggy and suddenly runs slower than before, you should try this app.

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Introduce about Nox Booster

Boost your phone’s working performance and speed!

Freeing up RAM will speed up your phone’s performance

Nox Booster optimizes the available space on the phone based on the principle of software acceleration, combined with cleaning memory, scanning for viruses, and cooling the phone from the inside. By this double action, Nox Booster will help keep the smartphone neat and have more free space, thereby your smartphone can run smoother and faster.

Specifically, when starting Nox Booster, the app will automatically review the entire status and operation of your phone. When detecting that the device is lagging, Nox Booster will automatically run a series of software to increase RAM, increase internal memory to improve your phone’s working performance.

Moreover, Nox Booster will continue to do another operation followed to get deeper intervention into the process of cleaning up the phone. This app has a built-in cache scan feature, so after doing these operations above, it will find and get rid of junk files and unnecessary cache data on your phone.

In addition, during operation, Nox Booster also comes with self-scanning and anti-virus features. Maybe you are wondering: what does cleaning the phone have to do with antivirus? It is a fact that if you have on your phone one or a few infected virus files, they run the risk of spreading to other files, making your phone more lagging and degrading your phone’s productivity. Viruses are also one of the main causes of operational bottlenecks on electronic devices. You can’t be sure our phone doesn’t have such a dangerous file because the sources of infection are now very diverse, can be from saved files, downloaded files, or from social networking sites or websites you go to every day. No one knows for sure, so it’s best to just scan around and remove as many viruses as possible. This feature in Nox Booster is especially powerful, keeping you secure all the time.

These two features not only make the phone clean the virus but also help boost your phone’s speed, memory, and battery life and thereby help the process of downloading games and playing games faster and smoother.

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