Muviz Edge MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Download

Muviz Edge MOD APK is a pretty weird indie app that not many people know about it yet. It will help you create beautiful music vignettes while playing music from any music application.

Overview information

Muviz Edge: Create “music vignette” for phone edges

The strangest application I have ever known

If you are using an extremely stylish, expensive smartphone, and someone who adores perfectionism in every detail. At the same time, you also love music with the motto “can’t live without music”, I think this is the app you need on your phone.

With a tiny capacity, nothing worth mentioning compared to new phones nowadays, but the effects and effects that it brings are greater than what you can imagine.

Basically, the main feature of Muviz Edge is that it displays music visual effects according to the melody on the edges of the screen when you are playing music from any music application. It sounds vague, right? Well, let look at these three images, you will understand what “music visual effects” are. Here, have you noticed the purple-black gradient border in the image below? In the images below is a series of different border effects in the application. 

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