Kiwi VPN Proxy

Kiwi VPN Proxy MOD APK is a VPN proxy app that helps you can access and use other foreign apps and websites.

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Introduce about Kiwi VPN Proxy

Using foreign apps with free unlimited VPN proxy!

Change your IP at a second

Kiwi VPN Proxy is a mobile application that helps you change the default IP corresponding to the current geographical location to another IP among 69 countries around the world.

Kiwi VPN Proxy works on the principle of allowing users to access multiple VPN proxies without affecting their identity or the quality of the access process. VPN is known as a form of a virtual private network that connects the location of each user with an anonymous server when accessing the Internet. Thanks to that, you will be both secure and private and can change your location. Websites that are blocked in your country will not be able to identify, and thereby you can bypass the firewall to surf the web, play games without obstacles.

So there is no need to do anything complicated, just a few touches, you can change your country IP to another foreign IP. This is the first effect of the Kiwi VPN Proxy app and also the main reason you need to download this app to use.

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