How to earn money with whatsapp

How to earn money in whatsapp? How to earn money from WhatsApp? Even today by internet Online Income  Keep finding ways to earn.

WhatsApp App is a Chats App with which you can talk to others. You can send audio call, video call, photos, video and file from whatsapp.

Many people say that money can be earned from WhatsApp. Here we say that WhatsApp does not pay any money. But you can definitely earn money using WhatsApp.

In today’s world, many people have started using WhatsApp. But people keep using it mostly throughout the day. Let me share information on How to Earn Money from WhatsApp?

Before earning money from online WhatsApp, you should know its methods.

There are many ways to earn. It has to be understood well once.

Only then you will be able to earn online Earn Money Online from WhatsApp. Here we will tell you the methods. Those are the ways to earn money from WhatsApp. That is, you can earn money using WhatsApp correctly.

Here are all the ways to earn money, you can earn money by sharing it on WhatsApp.

How to earn money whatsapp (how to earn money from whatsapp?)

Earning money from Online Internet is not easy. We will let you know Once you understand the tips of earning money from the medium of WhatsApp. Then you can do High Earning with this thing.

There are many ways to make money. Whom you can do Earning by sharing to friends or friends on WhatsApp.

What is shared on WhatsApp? How to earn money from WhatsApp? How to get payment? They are all told in details.

Ways to make money from whatsapp (ways to make money from whatsapp)

  1. From Affiliate Programs
  2. From refer / invite
  3. From Short Link URL
  4. From PPD Network Sites
  5. By Online Teaching

# 1. Earn Money From WhatsApp Using Affiliate Programs in Hindi

Now you must be thinking that What is Affiliate Marketing? How to make money on WhatsApp from this Affiliate Programs? Let us know from some details. Affiliate programs are those that sell a product.

Like- selling and selling goods available on Online Shopping Sites on the website.

First read the post that we told in the previous post How To Make Money Earning By Affiliate Marketing From Amazon?

Money can be earned by sharing affiliate on Whatsapp by joining Affiliate on sites like Amazon, Flipkart. It is a simple matter.

Join Affiliate Program Free. Write about the items as per the demand in the market and “Buy From AmazonBuy From Flipkart“And put a post on the website.

Take the link of that post and share it on WhatsApp. All the products are purchased by clicking on the link given by you to buy items / products from the shopping site.

His commission is added to your account. Click here for more information about it >> Amazon Business in Hindi | How to do business with Amazon?

Amazon Affiliate Program register
Creating an account on Amazon Affiliate Program is very easy

How to get payment: –

  1. Minimum Payout in 1000-2000 Between, it depends on different company.
  2. The commission will be received only after 2 months of the goods purchased by the customer.
  3. You will get its payment in the Bank Account.

#2. Earn Money From WhatsApp Using Refer / invite

Make Money From is another way of WhatsApp. They are making money by referal.

Google Play Store has many apps that WhatsApp, Facebook Gives money to share and download on social media.

Here we will tell about the Best Earning App which gives good money. Do not work too hard. We Earn Money Earning App in Hindi | Make Money Paytm PayPal Cash I have missed about before.

Free Recharge Trick Was also told about. Let us know what are the apps that can be earned by sharing on Social Media WhatsApp, Facebook & Other-

earning app in hindi earn money

Click on the names of all the apps mentioned below and download them from the Google Play Store.

Create an account on it and share it to friends. Same, get your friends downloaded from the link you sent and say to create an account on it-

# 3. Make Money From WhatsApp Using Short Link URL

In the world of internet, make money Online The third way to earn money is to earn money by shortening the link. That is, a link can be made to any site or link to an app, or short can be made to any type of link.

Which can be earned by sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media.

Someone clicks on the short link you sent. So you get his money. Hindi meaning of Short Link Shortening of link.

You will get 1 $ by clicking 100 Views or 100 Clicks. The price of 1 $ is between 60-70 rupees.

Now you think The more you click on the Short Link, the more money you will be able to earn. For this, you have to create an account on the Short Link Site. And paste any link there and make a short. And share it on WhatsApp, Facebook.

Process to create an account and shorten the link: –

  1. Create Account at Short URL-> Join
  2. After creating the account, paste the link in the empty box there and press the Shorten button
  3. Then share it on social media like WhatsApp.

How to get payment: –

  • You will get money if you click or view the short link.
  • 100 views or click, you will get 1 $
  • You can transfer to PayPal, then transfer from PayPal to bank. (How To Create PayPal Account in Hindi)

# 4 Earn Money with WhatsApp Using Paid Per Download Network (PPD)

How To Earn Money From WhatsApp. That is, PPD is the fourth way to earn money from WhatsApp. Full name of PPD Paid per Download.

This means getting paid for downloading, that is, anyone clicks on your link and downloads something. Then you will get his money.

Whether it is anything like Movie, Video Song, gaana, File, PDF, you can do anything.

To earn money from PPD, some file upload will have to be done on PPD website.

Like New Movie or New Video song, File can upload whatever it is. After uploading, a link to download that file will be found.

Copy the link of the file and share it on WhatsApp social media. The more people you download, the more money you will have.

Best PPD Website List from which Money can earn: –

  1. Indishare (Without Survey)
  2. UsersCloud (Without Survey)
  3. Fileice (Survey)
  4. Dailyuploads

# 5. Earn money by online teaching

If you are an expert in something or field, then you can teach with WhatsApp Online to teach about that thing. And can take them as fees.

Like Software, Website, Video Maker, School Teaching, you can teach anything.

Make your own banner to earn good profits. And social media can share on WhatsApp, Facebook.

Whichever customer will take interest. He will message you on his own. In this way, you can earn money even by doing online teaching.

Also read: –

Like this How to earn money from whatsapp facebook in hindi You have come to know all the ways.

Now you can earn money sitting at home from WhatsApp. Try to make your information or product available to as many people. That much money will be in your hands.

We can make money through PPD, Refer, Short Link, Affiliate Program, Online Teaching, all the ways in WhatsApp. Please do share. You can also ask questions by commenting below.

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