Updated On November 16, 2021 (5 seconds ago)
Name Forest
ID cc.forestapp
Publisher Seekrtech
Genre Utilities
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Version 4.49.0
Size 91M
Price FREE
Requires Android

Getting rid of all the distractions outside to focus on work. It is easy said, but very difficult to do. But don’t worry. Forest MOD APK is an application that helps you to do it!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Forest
    1. Why are there distractions?
    2. You may need a support application
    3. How to use Forest
    4. Strengthens willpower against distractions
    5. A good motivation
  2. MOD APK version of Forest
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Forest APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Forest

Remove all annoying distractions to focus on work better

Why are there distractions?

Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly modern. Accessing the internet from many different sources becomes easier and faster no matter where you are. This is both beneficial and harmful. The benefits are easy to see, but there are many harms coming slowly. They penetrate deep into the subconscious and become a habit without knowing it.

Honestly, have you ever checked your email for work and at the same time, posted your Facebook status? Or have you ever seen Stories or Reels on Instagram while working? You may think “Well, it only takes a few minutes”, “I’ll be in and out right away”, or “it won’t take much time”. But those few minutes could turn into half an hour, and then an hour. In total, the amount of time you have such distractions during the day can sometimes be up to several hours. Instead of using it to sleep to regain strength, rest, and relax in the soothing music, you waste it. 

If there is a way to limit these distractions (removing all unnecessary problems from the internet and social networks) and bring you back to work, then surely you will be much more productive and healthier.

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