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Name Facebook
ID com.facebook.katana
Publisher Facebook
Genre Social
MOD Features No
Version 345.
Size 45M
Price FREE
Requires Android
Network required

Facebook APK is a multi-platform social networking application, allowing to connect with friends and share interests, happy and sad, moods up and down during the day, from anywhere, at any time, as long as there is the internet.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Facebook
    1. Welcome to the largest social network in the world
    2. Specifically, what can we do with Facebook app?
    3. Using Facebook as an effective advertising and online selling channel
    4. Story feature allows you to share daily stories
    5. Suggest friends based on your information and actions
  2. Download Facebook APK for Android

Introduce about Facebook

I’m talking about an app that everyone knows!

Welcome to the largest social network in the world

Yeah, you did not read wrong. Today I am writing a few short paragraphs to introduce an app that everyone knows what is. To the point of talking about it, I feel a bit embarrassed. But just let me write it down.

Facebook is the app of, of course, the social network Facebook. Almost everyone on this planet, in regions with internet access, has a Facebook account (many years ago, my parents also added my Facebook friend). After many years of development, Mark and his associates had a huge success exploding from a very ordinary startup idea.

Now, that “book” has an indispensable part in every person’s life. Facebook has also contributed to the deletion of Yahoo, Yahoo chat, and many other platforms that were once in the past. Ignoring all the fuss about Facebook’s security, privacy, or increasingly commercial, now we just talk about the Facebook app and the features that we can do with this app.

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