Updated On December 14, 2021 (6 mins ago)
Name Discord
ID com.discord
Publisher Discord Inc.
Genre Communication
MOD Features No
Version 105.13 – Stable
Size 106M
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0

Discord APK is a voice chat application that is very popular with gamers, especially for those who love team-fighting games that need to communicate a lot. Today we will talk about Discord and its extremely useful features.

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Introduce about Discord

Group calling, high-quality voice chat while playing games, and many amazing features!

Communication in the game is more important than you think

Sometimes you will need to communicate with your teammates when playing games, especially PUBG, CSGO, or LoL… Sometimes you will need to send private messages to your allies and can’t let the enemy know. Strategy games require a process of discussion, discussion, consensus, and thorough resolution of the problems of all members of the group or between allies. From there, you can assign tasks accurately and fight more effectively. In general, without communication, it’s very easy to misunderstand when playing MOBA games and can lead to a very bad result.

In addition to communication, sometimes players want to play games and listen to music at the same time. In short, many other needs arise around the group when gaming. If there is an application that combines all the features into one, it will very amazing, right?

Discord is an application that does these things, with only a light capacity, simple interface, optimized for all users. But its feature set will make you admire it because you didn’t think it could do so many things at once.

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