Updated On November 8, 2021 (12 mins ago)
Name Chronus
ID com.dvtonder.chronus
Publisher DvTonder
Genre Personalization
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Version 19.0
Size 8M
Price FREE
Requires Android

Chronus can be called a “series of applications” that provide and display a variety of useful information such as News, Clock, Weather… Just with Chronus MOD APK only, you will have all the information synchronized on the phone screen. 

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Chronus
    1. Why do you need Chronus?
    2. Save time and effort
    3. Update news with all information fully synchronized and with a more beautiful interface
    4. Application for those who have poor memory
  2. MOD APK version of Chronus
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Chronus APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Chronus

A widget application that gathers all news in one to help you save a lot of time and effort!

Why do you need Chronus?

You know, there are hundreds of pieces of information that need to be updated quickly every day. If there was a tool to put everything in one place, sync them quickly and help you read what you need in just a moment, that would be so great. And Chronus is the tool that can do that miracle.

Chronus (Chronus Information Widgets), from the name, has shown its role. This is an application that provides you with a lot of useful information displayed on the same phone screen. You can see many things in one: Clock, Weather, Stocks, Schedule of the Day, Highlights…

Save time and effort

So, instead of reading a few newspapers or surfing a few websites for news during the day, you already have enough of the hottest brief news of the day with Chronus. And instead of watching TV or watching the weather forecast, you can get all this information in full by Chronus too. There’s also no need for an alarm clock or a separate stock app because there is Chronus here. Much more information now gathers in one place, Chronus. Do you understand how much time and effort in searching Chronus will save you?

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