Updated On November 16, 2021 (7 seconds ago)
Name Chrome
Publisher Google
Genre Communication
MOD Features No
Version 96.0.4664.45
Size 80M
Price FREE
Requires Android
Network required

Who has used the Internet but does not know Chrome? None, I believe. But have you ever really learned about this million-user application? And importantly, have you downloaded Chrome APK to your device?

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Chrome
    1. History
    2. What is Chrome?
    3. Unexpected personalization and flexibility
    4. High search power and Google Translate integration
    5. Keep safety for users at an extreme level 
    6. Other equally convenient side parts
    7. My review of Google Chrome
  2. Download Chrome APK for Android

Introduce about Chrome

The most modern, efficient, and fastest web browser today


Chrome (Google Chrome) is a fast Web browser from Google. The number of users in the world is unknown, only know that it is very big, from PC to all mobile devices and tablets.

There are already a lot of web browsers. In 1993, we got Mozilla Firefox, we got Netscape in 1994, and in 1995, we got Internet Explorer. And the latest is in the 2000s with Google Chrome, Opera, Safari. In terms of age, Google Chrome is much younger than other web browsing applications, but in terms of modernity, popularity, and great  advancement, Google Chrome is not inferior to anyone, even somewhat overwhelms the seniors.

What is Chrome?

Chrome is the most popular web browser today because it has convenience, simplicity, ease of use and understanding, and meets many standards of information safety and security. Using the dedicated version for Android phones and tablets, I find Chrome much better in many other features.

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