AVG Cleaner

Updated On December 16, 2021 (4 mins ago)
Name AVG Cleaner
ID com.avg.cleaner
Publisher AVG Mobile
Genre Utilities
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Version 6.1.1
Size 19M
Price FREE
Requires Android

You may have too many pictures on the phone, many things which were saved at what time you even can’t remember, and some apps which are never used but just keep taking up the phone’s space. As a result, your phone is both heavy and runs out of memory quickly. But don’t worry, I am bringing to you a solution which can help you solve all the problems, AVG Cleaner MOD APK. Let’s see how this app can clean up your smartphone urgently!

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Introduce about AVG Cleaner

Clean up mobile phones, free up space and get rid of being slow as a turtle right away!

What made a good mobile phone suddenly turn into a turtle?

All of you who fall into the above situation all have the same problem with the good phone: it is running sluggishly, often needs to be restarted, and out of space when taking pictures. Honestly, before I got to know this app, every time I cleaned up my phone, I was so bored because I didn’t know where to start, what to choose, how to find out some hidden files or apps saved a long time ago.

In general, that hovering state was very uncomfortable. You may feel like me too, right? And often, we set out only two options: one is to get in the photo and video Gallery and review each photo, video and delete it Imagine that the number of photos and video can be up to hundreds of thousands. Aww, It’s terrible. The second option is for those who are more careful and don’t want to delete each one: sync them on Google Drive, and wait for hours. As for the applications, you have to check in the App folder to see which ones are still in use and which ones are not. Oh my god, It may take all day to do. I don’t want to even think about it, not mention doing it.

But even with so much effort, the phone is not as clean as it should be, and the sluggishness will quickly return because there are countless hidden files, files with viruses, and other small things that you cannot notice. They are still there and threaten the effectiveness of your phone. Not to mention that smartphones are similar to computers, after a long time, there will be a series of buffer files, junk files… both wasting space and affecting the overall speed of mobile phones.

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