Avast Antivirus

Updated On November 9, 2021 (2 hours ago)
Name Avast Antivirus
ID com.avast.android.mobilesecurity
Publisher Avast Software
Genre Utilities
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Version 6.44.2
Size 38M
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0

Download Avast Antivirus Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) to clean junk files, remove viruses on your Android devices with just one click.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Avast Antivirus
    1. No more worries about viruses
    2. Speed up your phone
    3. Privacy when accessing the web with VPN
    4. Protect personal data
  2. MOD Premium version of Avast Antivirus
    1. MOD Features
  3. Download Avast Antivirus Premium APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Avast Antivirus

Viruses are one of the problems that Android users are most worried about when accessing the Internet. Nowadays, websites often attach ads and sometimes malicious code, which can harm Android devices. If unfortunately, they will make the device no longer work smoothly. Battery drops faster, data charges rise abnormally, processing tasks become lumbering as a sign of identification, or worse, personal information being stolen.

If you do not want to be one of the ill-fated victims, you need to prevent it before these threats occur and Avast Antivirus is the tool to solve this problem. According to statistics, the application has over 100,000,000 active users. You probably won’t want to miss it!

No more worries about viruses

With Avast Antivirus, malicious software or viruses that hackers attach to some websites will not be able to penetrate your device. It creates a solid firewall, blocking and eliminating hazards that can cause problems to your phones. From there, you can safely experience content on the internet, and even on other applications already installed on your phones.

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