Assistant Pro for Android

Name Assistant Pro for Android
Package Name com.androidassistant.paid
Publisher AA Mobile
Category Utilities
MOD Features No
Version 24.15
Size 919K
Requires Android
Price FREE $0.99

Assistant Pro for Android APK brings all the features that help you to manage your Android phone, it also helps to manage the device’s state well, thereby saving battery and operating more efficiently for your phone.

Introduce about Assistant Pro for Android

Assistant Pro for Android: Manage easily and efficiently your Android phone and tablet

What’s Assistant Pro for Android different from previous virtual assistant apps on phones?

When it comes to phone-enabled apps, you will think right away to familiar names such as Siri, Cortana, or Google Now. But there must be a reason for an app that supports multiple features in one like Assistant Pro for Android appear. The reason here is that the differences in the function that these names do not have.

Assistant Pro for Android is a better choice

There was a time when Google Now got a lot of attention as a virtual assistant that supports both iOS and Android. But then Google Now also revealed many major shortcomings such as web search and returned the necessary results quite poorly. The included features are also not convenient for users. Meanwhile, Assistant Pro for Android with multitasking capabilities, minimalist design, and batch features are all displayed on the main application interface. So obviously the convenience in Assistant Pro for Android is better. It is completely easy for users to find a comprehensive phone management tool to use it better, optimize efficiency and save battery life for their phone.

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