adidas Training app MOD APK 5.14 (Premium Unlocked) Download

adidas Training app MOD APK is an application to support home workouts with a lot of exercises and different levels. You will need this “at-home PT” to practice effectively and proactively anytime, anywhere.

Overview information

Introduce about adidas Training app

Exercise at home with exercises designed specifically for each muscle group, the ideal PT for your family.

Why do you need a virtual PT at home?

You have shoes and training clothes, but you are not motivated enough to practice every day. During the Covid epidemic, you cannot go to the gym with real PTs. Is enough reason for you to find an app that supports workouts to use every day?

In fact, it is undeniable that the benefits and inspiration of practice are always overflowing when directly going into a gym, directly meeting the PT, directly talking, listening and being guided. But sometimes circumstances, time and time zone don’t allow it, and even in complicated epidemic times, staying at home is the most important thing. How to improve health, shock mentally to exercise at home?

I introduce to you an application that I have been using for a month, guaranteed to be surprisingly effective, that is adidas Training app.

Before downloading the app, I pondered and considered a lot. But in reality, my training has clearly improved a lot. Of course, not compared to training directly at the gym with PT, but also better than practicing alone without any support. And also, better than the no-nonsense apps out there.

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